A Cairns Man Faces Court After Giving His Daughter Medical Cannabis Oil



A father who was arrested for using medical cannabis on his critically ill two-year-old daughter has pleaded for the government to legalise the drug as her health continues to decline.

After hearing positive stories about the benefits of using the controversial treatment, the 32-year-old Cairns man decided to give cannabis oil to his daughter who is battling a rare form of cancer called neuroblastoma.

Despite his claims that it improved her condition, the father, who cannot be named for legal reasons but has been nicknamed ‘Fearless Father’, was charged with administering a dangerous drug to a minor and was refused access to his sick daughter.

Now he has spoken out in the hope that he can persuade the government to rethink their cannabis laws and drop the charges against him.

‘My daughter’s got a 50 per cent survival rate, it’s pretty confronting’, he told Channel 10.

‘Each day that ticks over is essentially children suffering as well as my daughter,’ he said while talking about legalising medical cannabis.

The little girl, who was diagnosed with the deadly disease shortly before Christmas, has an 11cm cancerous growth which is putting pressure on her internal organs.

Just last week the toddlers condition took a turn for the worse. The young child has a high temperature, an infection and has fluid in her lungs.

‘She couldn’t really move, I would just show her videos from home. I was crying the whole time because I don’t see her enough,’ the desperate father said.

‘That’s been the hardest thing not being there to support her and for her to see me and give her my love and care.’

He appeared in court in January, where he was granted the right to visit his daughter, having previously been refused access after he was charged.

When asked by Ten News if he thought he was a criminal, the father said ‘absolutely not’ and made it clear that all he wanted was for his daughter to get better.

The young girl’s mother, who is estranged from the father, does not agree with his actions and the method of treatment he chose to use on their daughter.

The father is reportedly estranged from the two-year-old’s mother and she has made it very clear that she does not support his actions. She doesn’t believe there’s been an improvement in her daughter’s condition.

He has relocated to Brisbane to be with his daughter during her treatment and is living out of a suitcase.

For several weeks now, the father has been unable to see his daughter as she wasn’t in the hospital.

On his team’s Facebook page it was revealed that it took police nearly three months to approve a supervisor for times that the little girl is not in hospital.

‘The hospital have defaulted to previous orders from 2013 because they were given no choice in the absence of an agreement between [the child’s] parents, which means that [the father] gets to spend 10 hours a week with his child IF she is in hospital,’ the Facebook page called ‘Fearless Father said.

‘[The father’s] family, who love [the child] very much are also excluded from her life unless they are able to visit during [the father’s] visits.’

In January the dad was desperate to find a solution to his daughter’s pain and administered the medical cannabis oil mixed with coconut, to increase her rate of survival.

‘My aim was to create an alkaline climate in her body, provide a nutrient dense diet, alkaline water, essential oil therapy and a healing environment of fun and positivity,’ he said.

‘Her cancer ridden little body was alive again. [My daughter] had almost instant quality of life,’ he said.

‘She would say “Daddy, tummy’s not sore”. She would be able to eat like a champion and began to gain weight,’

‘Her energy was up and she wanted to go outside with me instead of lay on her back with legs curled up. Her skin colour came back, her eyes were sparkling again,’ the father has said.

However, according to him, his daughter is now struggling to breath on her own and is having seizures following her withdrawal from the cannabis oil.

‘She has spiralled downhill since she lost her daddy and oil treatment. I pray that I will see her again one way,’ he said.

He appeared in the Brisbane Magistrates court in January charged with possession of a dangerous drug and administering a dangerous drug to a minor under the age of 16.

As part of his bail he has now been allowed access to his daughter in hospital, however there needs to be a supervisor in the room with him.

A group of people holding placards turned out at the court in support of the father and to protest against his arrest.


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