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Illinois Collects $57K in Medical Marijuana Taxes During 1st Month of Sales

BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Illinois officials say the state’s first medical marijuana patients have purchased nearly $801,000 worth of cannabis during the program’s first month. Program director Joseph Wright announced the figures recently. The numbers indicate Illinois has collected roughly $56,550 in taxes from wholesale sales of medical marijuana during the month. Marijuana wholesalers pay a […]

What Is The Best Way To Store Cannabis?

Proper Cannabis Storage Storing medicinal quality marijuana correctly keeps it fresher longer. It’s up to you to protect your precious pot from natural enemies, such as mold, humidity and exposure to light. By Danny Danko Nothing beats a freshly cured batch of sticky buds, perfectly ripe and ready to smoke or vaporize. The problem is […]

The Top Trending Cannabis Strains of 2015

By: Bailey Rahn Looking back at 2015, I can’t help but play a nostalgic montage in my head of all the strains that came and went over the year. Legal markets are becoming saturated with choices, so much so that it’s impossible to determine 2015’s best cream of the crop. Instead, we took a look […]

Science Finally Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells And It’s Pretty Amazing

Only recently we had published an article explaining how scientists at the National Institute of Health (NIH) have found cannabis to be a potential killer of cancer cells. You can read the article here. On that note, we’re going to talk about a scientific explanation that supports the NIH claim: “cannabis and cannabinoids may have […]

Strain Review: Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread is a unique sativa that is believed to be a landrace strain from the island of Jamaica, where it was believed to once grow wildly. Although different phenotypes may differ, typical effects include euphoria, increased creativity, and an overall sense of well-being. The strain is particularly popular amongst artists and musicians because of its rumored ability […]

U.S. Confirms: Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Those who have been waiting for marijuana to be legalised in US, rejoice. Following numerous laboratory tests, scientists from the National Cancer Institute have confirmed that cannabis, or marijuana, does kill cancer cells.   The National Cancer Institute (NIC), one of the many arms of the US Department of Health, has confirmed on its website […]

Meet the Willy Wonka of Weed

Meet the Willy Wonka of Weed: Rob Weakley goes from restaurateur to high-end marijuana edibles manufacturer – See more at: LA Mag There’s no chocolate river running through the new Altai Brands facility in Salinas. It’s missing a hoard of diminutive green-haired employees, there are no booby-trapped candies that expose children’s flaws, and as far as […]

Marijuana Is a Wonder Drug When It Comes to the Horrors of Chemo

BY  JESSICA FIRGER After a successful surgery to remove a cancer-ridden section of Jeff Moroso’s large intestine in the spring of 2013, the oncologist sat down with his patient to prepare him for what would come next: 12 rounds of punishing chemotherapy, once every two weeks for six months—standard practice for the treatment of colon cancer. […]

Featured Supplier: Dixie Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs, created in 2010, has been one of the most innovative cannabis companies in the industry. Leading in research, education, and advocacy, they’ve established themselves as a safe and effective company that creates delicious cannabis products. Dixie handcrafts their products were pure, CO2 extracted THC, with triple lab testing for their products. Dixie takes […]

Cannabis Terpenes Offer Therapeutic Efficacy

By Gooey Rabinski Of the many active ingredients in cannabis, cannabinoids — the miracle molecules that deliver most of the medical efficacy of marijuana — aren’t the whole picture. Some cannabis consumers may be aware of terpenes, the cannabinoid-like chemicals that give herb such a pungent smell. What most don’t know is that terpenes also deliver therapeutic relief, just like […]

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