Children’s Hospital in Colorado Will Conduct a 3-Year Study on Cannabis for Epilepsy

Image via Medical Jane

Image via Medical Jane

There has been a lot of recent buzz surrounding the success of medical marijuana in the treatment of childhood epilepsy.Many parents are claiming that medical marijuana has significantly reduced both their children’s seizures frequency and intensity. Because of this, families with children like Charlotte Figi are making the move to MMJ-friendly states, like Colorado, desperate to find an alternative treatment for their child’s severe epileptic disorders.

Currently, there are around 250 children with medical marijuana cards who have Dravet’s Syndrome in the state of Colorado. Out of these 250 children, over 100 of them are patients at Children’s Hospital, even though the hospital is not legally permitted to administer cannabis as a form of treatment.

“Many of these children have very poorly controlled epilepsy and can be pretty fragile from a medical stand point. I think it is our responsibility as professionals to answer this question.” – Dr. Knupp

Knupp and her colleagues will be using the $500,000 state-funded grant in order to conduct a three-year observational study. The study is going to consist of analyzing the results from 150 medical marijuana patients who consume cannabis products regularly to reduce or relieve their most serious side effects.

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