Marijuana Cultivation Methods: Differences Between Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor


Marijuana growers have been mastering the art of the perfect plant for decades. Generally, there are three popular methods of flower cultivation.

With an indoor environment, marijuana farmers have complete control over all aspects of their plants – from what goes into their soil (if they’re even using soil!) to the specific type of light they are getting. Flowers grown indoors usually have a higher THC content. Indoor harvests produce the most expensive flowers due to the investment of setting up and maintaining a healthy environment. Indoor grows also have the largest environmental impact mostly due to high electricity usage.

Indoor nugs are dense + resinous. Typically giving off a sharp, pungent scent. The cannabinoid balance created by indoor grows tends to provide a high that sets in rapidly.

Greenhouse environments allow marijuana farmers to grow year round while still utilizing natural light. Basically, greenhouse cultivation marries only the nurturing elements of Mother Nature to the efficiency and finesse of indoor grows. Greenhouses have a minimal impact on our environment since they utilize aspects of the location’s natural surroundings.

Lower growing costs allow greenhouse farmers to sell their product for a more average price. Greenhouses are the method of cultivation in Europe. Due to the shifting legal status of marijuana, North American growers are starting to pick up on this revolutionary trend.

From the beginning, our ancestors have been harvesting healing herbs from the earth. Outdoor grows are obviously the original method of cannabis cultivation and some growers swear by letting Mother Nature “do her thing.” Despite the number of variables, outdoor grows have been a tried and true method of cultivation. Outdoor harvests boast the lowest environmental impact and due to the minimal start up costs, they are the least expensive product.

Outdoor grows produce much larger plants with less dense, fluffier nugs. Coming from the earth, these flowers can only be described as smelling more… well, earthy. Outdoor grows promote a cannabinoid balance that gradually brings on a gentler high.

Cannabis can be organic regardless of its method of cultivation. Every flower with the organic icon has been grown using no pesticides or fertilizers. Organic marijuana is typically very resinous, but the look and smell will vary depending upon strain and growing medium. At Greenly, we are incredibly proud to support local growers who are pioneering these higher standards, allowing us to provide premium quality products. We believe that as marijuana becomes more mainstream, organically grown cannabis is going to be a cornerstone of the industry.

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