Disabled student’s medication confiscated by school

Image Courtesy of The Denver Channel


On Monday in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, a clash between state and federal marijuana laws occurred when a mom’s disabled son’s cannabis oil medication was confiscated.  Everitt Middle School officials discovered that 14 year old Jack Splitt wore a cannabis patch indicating that he receives cannabis medication. His personal nurse, who accompanies him to school, carried his cannabis oil medication that contains CBD, the active ingredient that heals Jack.

His mother, Stacey Linn, said she’s tried many different pharmaceuticals to treat Jack’s disability,  spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and dystonia.  His disorder causes his muscles to spasm and tighten up causing him to have difficulty walking, talking, and breathing. Linn says that other pharmaceuticals she’s tried have sedated him completely and “turned him into a zombie”. “Even if my 9-year-old drank a whole bottle of (Jack’s) CBD, his cannabis oil, he wouldn’t get high,” Linn said. “There are no dangers to this medicine.”

The school stated that they confiscated the medication simply because they feared losing Federal funding. Linn says she isn’t mad at the school as they are doing their job, but she is upset with the law as it is effecting Jack’s health and access to his medication while at school.

The Denver Channel article

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