Featured Supplier: Jay’s Pre-Rolls


When it comes to selecting pre-rolled joints, Greenly understands the necessity of quality over quantity. Purchasing joints in-house can be a big gamble, for they are often poorly rolled or filled with mysterious and inferior product. Luckily, we get top-tier brands all the time. An example includes our latest featured supplier, Jay’s Pre-Roll.

This month’s Featured Supplier, Jay’s Pre-Rolls, offers what many cannot–providing the most natural, top-shelf, and consistent joints on the market.

Jay’s Pre-Rolls focuses on the quality of joints by lab testing their products. According to their website, Every selected harvest is lab tested and hand labeled for quality and potency before its finely-trimmed flowers are delicately ground and packed perfectly into all-natural RAW™ papers through our unique process.”


Patients can choose between three different varieties: Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Sativa, and a Hybrid blend. Each strain has a unique profile, yet balances the levels of THC, CBD, as well as terpenes to the desired effects. Have we mentioned that all pre-rolls are made with 100% flowers? – waving a big goodbye to the mystery shake normally found in joints!

At first impression, Jay’s Pre-Roll joints are more compact than others. Don’t let this factor fool you into thinking that they have less flowers than others though. They just know how to expertly roll them, which is great to see with joints like this. They smoke well and taste great. Each pack has 10 neatly rolled (half gram) joints, along with a hemp wick and an ingenious crutch that does not burn or allow flower fragments to pass. We definitely recommend them.

The best thing about Jay’s Pre-Rolls? They’re extremely convenient, and can be enjoyed through three simple steps:

1) Choose your strain

2) Remove joint from package

3) And light hemp wick!

We, at Greenly, encourage you to rethink the traditional joint, and to light on friends.

Check them out, and feel free to browse Greenly’s selection of Jay’s Pre-rolls. Oh yeah, and follow them on Instagram too!

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