Greenly Experiences: My First Experience with Vaping Cannabis Oil


Free Greenly vape pen for first time patients with a Bhang .55mg Pure Catridge attached (not included with free vape pen), available on

As a regular cannabis consumer, I usually only consume my cannabis by two methods: smoking or ingesting it with edibles. So when I got my free vape pen from Greenly, I was a little nervous trying concentrates for the first time. I’m used to smoking flower, with about 20-25% of THC. I had been aware that cannabis oil yields about 50-70% depending on the strain and brand, so I was weary that it’d be out of my range of tolerance and I wouldn’t have a pleasant high.

When I finally got my first cartridge I decided to go with Bhang’s .55mg Pure Oil cartridge, specifically, the Strawberry Haze flavor, a sativa strain. This yields 50% THC! Much more than I’ve ever experienced!

I connected the cartridge to my pen and turned it on. As I pressed the button and took a hit, I didn’t feel anything at all,  but I could taste the Strawberry Haze flavor (with a hint of cannabis). It was very smooth and a lot of vapor came out, much more than I expected! My high felt very light in regards to my throat not burning like it usually did when I smoked, making my highs feel a little more harsher because of the coughing fits I tend to have. The high lasted for about 5 hrs. In that time, I had a very energetic high. So much energy that I decided to cook a full course meal and clean my entire kitchen! Needless to say, my meal came out excellently and I enjoyed a clean kitchen with a great dinner! I intend to try an indica strain next time for night time use. I highly recommend the Bhang cartridge for first time users. It’s not overwhelmingly strong, but just right.

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