Greenly Experiences: My First Time Going Into a Dispensary

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In January, I decided to get my medical card so that I could legally purchase and consume cannabis. Why? Well, I’ve suffered from severe depression for about 13 years of my life and started consuming cannabis to help me cope with my mental illness because I’ve been too hesitant to get on anti-depressants. In addition, I’ve had severe migraines for about 7 years of my life. Many times when I get a migraine I’m unable to function, get nauseous and usually throw up, and I must lay down in bed in my dark room until it passes. They happen frequently to the point where I get them 7-15 times a month. Now, my alternative option is to get botox injections in my forehead every month and I’m not keen on needles. So, cannabis helps me deal with both of those things without having to take any pills or receive injections and on top of that, it allows me to relax and many times it’s helped me bring out creativity and ideas to my work. I not only use cannabis medicinally, but I use it recreationally as well.

I’ve had my medical card for only 4 months so far. I am pretty new to the cannabis industry as a whole, because I wasn’t aware of the many products that are available such as concentrates, topicals, and a vast array of delicious and potent edibles. I’ve become highly educated on the different options I and many other people have for medical marijuana.  Since I’ve had my medical card, I’ve been using delivery only services to get my cannabis.  I am not a fan of driving so I’ve hesitated on driving to an actual dispensary to purchase cannabis, mostly out of laziness and dislike for Los Angeles traffic (haha!).

This 4/20 I decided to check one out for once. I visited a Pre-ICO dispensary in downtown Los Angeles for the first time. It had a very “Hooters”-type of atmosphere. The budtenders were all female, dressed in a uniform of tank tops, shorts, and long socks. Everyone was extremely friendly and had a great attitude. There were so many different kinds of strains available, all inside of jars in glass cases. It was like going into a bakery, but for marijuana! It was a bit of a bakery in a way because they also had their range of edibles on display for purchase.

I did enjoy my visit. The pros of going into an actual dispensary is that you can actually get to see the product and they’ll weigh it out in front of you. In addition, since it was 4/20 there were specials and I got a good amount of freebies! They also gave me a frequent visitor card so that every time I come in, I get a sticker and eventually after so many visits I can get more free goodies.

However, one thing I noticed about this particular dispensary (and many others that target more recreational smokers) is that when I asked questions about the THC/CBD percentages, many of the budtenders didn’t actually know the answer. This particular dispensary did in fact lab test their flowers, but didn’t educate their budtenders on the differences of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, as well as percentages. This could be problematic for patients coming in looking for certain percentages in mind to treat their afflictions. This dispensary seemed to be more focused on targeting recreational smokers rather than medical patients.

To compare to a delivery service, the benefits of a delivery service is that it gives you the opportunity to stay in your home and order freely at your fingertips. It’s also very beneficial for members with disabilities or other things that may prevent them from actually being able to go into a dispensary. Some people also have social anxiety, this is beneficial to them as well. In addition, it gives you that level of discreteness. Many people don’t want to drive to a dispensary and potentially be seen going in or by other people. Delivery services really change the industry with these factors, allowing people to be comfortable in their privacy.

If I had to choose between either, I would choose delivery over dispensary. I enjoy the option of getting my cannabis delivered to me if I don’t feel like going anywhere. Or maybe I don’t feel good and I can’t leave. I can order it right to my door. However, at times I may go into a dispensary. If I’m interested in a specific dispensary or a specific strain carried by a dispensary, I also have the option of going in and seeing it for myself. Next time, I will be a bit more specific in looking for places that take the time to inform themselves and their members on the specific therapeutic benefits of their products, but overall, I highly enjoyed the experience and it was truly wonderful to be in a shop surrounded by beautiful cannabis flowers, with endless options at my choosing!

My preferred method of purchasing cannabis: delivery service

-Allows you to order at your fingertips online
-Allows you to research the vast array of options from edibles, concentrates, tinctures, etc without having to drive to multiple places to find what you’re looking (no one likes LA traffic!)
-Gives you the privacy of having it delivered right to your door
-Benefits those with disabilities or those unable to drive to a physical dispensary
-Benefits those with social anxiety


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