Greenly Featured Supplier: KIVA Confections


If you’ve ever had Kiva chocolate, you know the flavor is unforgettable. Kiva has crafted a seamless blend of the finest artisan chocolate and just the right amount of high-grade cannabis – and with unique taste profiles like Vanilla Chai and Mint Irish Cream, Kiva’s confections are truly top shelf edibles. And with consistent, easy to understand doses, the folks at Kiva have put a lot of effort into making medicating effortless and reliable! Whether you’re a new user or a veteran, Kiva takes the guesswork out of edibles, crafting each morsel into an evenly measured dose.

Although Kiva has only been around for a few short years, their amazing products have been awarded time and time again. In 2013, Kiva’s Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar won Best Edible at both the San Fransisco and Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup. Currently, Kiva offers three different treats – the original full size Kiva Bar, strong but tiny Kiva Minis, and chocolate covered espresso bean Terra Bites.

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Kiva Bars and Kiva Minis come in six different flavors and two levels of potency. Kiva’s treats are tailored to patients, with their full size chocolates  packing up to 180mg of THC per bar. Minis are an individually wrapped single-serving version, but don’t let their small size fool you, those servings pack a punch! Minis are available with either 15mg or 45mg of THC, so you can control your dosage in one bite – making Kiva Minis perfect for a beginning user.



Terra Bites are Tanzanian espresso beans coated in Kiva’s classic dark chocolate. Terra Bites are Kiva’s newest product, hitting dispensary shelves only last year, they’ve already won the San Fransisco Patient’s Choice award. They’re just that good! Each Bite contains about 5mg of THC, so you can easily control your dose.

 When taking edibles, it’s important to remember that everyone is affected differently – it’s always best to wait a while before consuming more than the recommended dose. With Kiva, that can be especially difficult – it’s hard not to finish off an entire bar of their amazing chocolate! kiva terra bites

Whether you try their delicious bars or their Terra Bites, Kiva’s adherence to higher standards of product quality is something you can taste. All of their products  are lovingly crafted to be consistently potent without an overbearing cannabis taste. Even the most consummate chocolate lover would be impressed – if it wasn’t infused with cannabis, Kiva’s chocolate would probably be found in the fanciest of gourmet food shops. But when it comes to Kiva, it’s not only the out of this world taste that will send you to the stratosphere!

Greenly is proud to carry the entire KIVA product line – view all of Greenly’s KIVA products here.


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