The Greenly Guarantee


The Best Guarantee Out There

We take pride in offering the highest quality products available and back this with the Greenly Guarantee. Purchases made through most dispensaries and delivery services are FINAL SALE. We are proud to be an exception and offer exchanges based on the following guidelines.

  • • The product must be defective in some way.
  • • The product must have been purchased within 30 days of exchange.
  • • The returned product must be in new or barely used condition.
  • • The product is not cracked or broken by misuse.
  • • We will need to receive the defective product to replace it with a new one.


You can choose between two options for the exchange:

  • 1) Receive a replacement product with your next order.
  • 2) Wait until the next time we have a driver to your area. We will make a good faith effort to do this as soon as possible, but there is no guarantee when this might be. We will also need to confirm you will be home at that time since you will need to accept the product in person.


*** Vape cartridges generally have the highest level of return in the industry. In many cases, these items may not be broken but clogged or being used with the wrong battery type, etc. If you are exchanging a defective cartridge, it is likely we’ll contact you to find out the cause of the problem. There could be an easy solution we can provide, such as mailing you the proper battery free of charge, priority mail. If it is indeed defective, we can use one of the above three options to test the cartridge in person, and exchange if needed.

Any items received for free from Greenly are not eligible for an exchange of any kind.

Anytime you need to coordinate an exchange, just email specifying which option you prefer and we will do our best to coordinate things for you.

Thank you for being a member of the Greenly Online Collective!

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