Operations Manager

Greenly (http://www.greenly.me) and Chakras (www.chakras.life) is hiring an Head of Operations who will report directly to the Founder & CEO. The Head of Operations will be the captain overseeing efforts to expand our cannabis delivery service and distribute our new vape product line across the state. We are looking for a quality person with a strong operations skill set who is enthusiastic about building a career in the cannabis industry.

Must Haves

– Committed to continuous process improvement and finding ways to overcome obstacles

– Strong management abilities. Issues clear directives.

– High level operations management experience

– Proven track record of optimizing and crafting high quality Standard Operating Procedures

– An obsessive addiction to organization + efficiency

– Motivated, reliable, dependable and proactive

– Strong writing and communication skills

– Understanding and respect for socially responsible business practices

– Positive references from past employers

Job Responsibilities

– Optimize Standard Operating Procedures that are in compliance with new state cannabis regulations

– Be “go to” operations person and point of contact between all locations

– Optimize all cash handling & reconciliation processes on location + coordinating with bookkeeper the reporting needs of each location.

– Optimize all inventory processes with bulletproof reconciliation processes and discrepancy tracking + reporting for all locations.

– Optimize and coordinate security needs of each location.

– Constantly focus on increasing delivery speeds and order fulfillment targets.

– Optimize onboarding and offboarding staffing procedures

– Supercharge customer service processes to amplify premium level of service for all members.

– Be on call for any operations needs.

– Monitor technical processes of each location & communicate issues to technical support agencies to resolve issues on a regular basis and be on call for any emergency circumstances.

Coordinate work with suppliers for our CHAKRAS brand.

Coordinate real estate and locations needs (ex. leases, build-outs, etc.)

– Contribute to office and team cultural improvements

– Analyze all aspects of current operations: Delivery Processes, Customer Service, Order Fulfillment, Inventory Purchasing + Management, Employee Productivity, Cash Management

– Coordinate with Marketing on needs across locations for promotion distribution.

To apply send resume and cover letter stating why you want the job to jobs@greenly.me

$65-100k (Depending on Experience), Paid Time Off: 2 Weeks/Year, 3 Weeks PTO after 2 Years of Service; Perks: Unlimited Free Yoga, 50% Off All Products, Free Cannabis Medical Recommendation
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