Manager - Los Angeles


We are hiring a Manager to help grow the business. We are looking for a high quality person who will efficiently and effectively manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations, represent the organization well and is enthusiastic about building a career in the industry.

Must Haves

-Strong work ethic. Team members work hard and hold themselves and each other to high standards.

-Strong management abilities.

-Highly capable with technology. We are a MAC based operations business.

-Committed to continuous process improvement and finding ways to overcome obstacles

-Positive references from past employers

-Experience in the MMJ industry preferable

-General understanding of marketing principles in the MMJ industry is a plus

-College degree (or working towards it)

-Motivated, reliable, dependable and proactive

-Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

-Must be available to work a retail schedule. Includes some evening and weekend shifts.

-Previous retail experience is a plus.

Job Responsibilities

-Embody the company values. Be a good role model and leader. Bring out the best in others around you

-Manage staff. Issue clear directives.

-Provide performance management feedback. Oversee scheduling.

-Manage purchasing. Be a product expert. Curate selection. Negotiate and coordinate promos.

-Ensure product listings are polished, accurate and meet SEO guidelines

-Improve systems. Troubleshoot problems. Identify, test and use a wide assortment of applications to optimize operations

-Complete inventory and cash reconciliation

-Manage quality and effectiveness of customer calls, emails, and online chat sessions. We take pride in our customer service.

-Identity opportunities to improve products, services, systems and processes. Document and ensure adherence to standard operating procedures in compliance with regulations

-Help open new locations.

-An infinite array of other tasks as assigned

Great team united around a great mission. Want to join us?

To apply send resume and cover letter stating why this would be great fit for you to

Competitive Salary: $50,000 - $65,000 -PTO: 2 Weeks/Year -Free unlimited yoga classes. Studio of choice. -Extremely generous discount on all products -Reimbursement of Cannabis MMJ rec -Professional development opportunities subsidized by 50% or more
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