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Packed to Preserve Cannabis Quality

Greenly takes pride in keeping our products as fresh as the day we received them. Check our innovative, safe and natural Freshness Sealed packaging system that is guaranteed to keep our flowers fresher than the other guys.

Approved Organic Standard

Nitrogen keeps flowers fresh by preventing oxidation – the degradation that occurs when perishable products are exposed to oxygen. Replacing harmful oxygen with protective nitrogen when packaged ensures our flowers stay fresher longer. Don’t worry, there’s nothing unsafe about it. Nitrogen is an inert gas that’s widely used in organic food and beverage packaging because it’s clean, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Here’s How We Do It

1. Start with the highest quality, freshest product imaginable.
2. Freshness seal everything right away
3. Heat seal the bag to lock the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

Keep It Clean

Our signature process is tamper proof, with every bag heat sealed so nobody can touch, smell, contaminate, or steal your medication.

…THE OTHER GUYS store their flowers in bulk jars, exposing them to harmful oxygen and germs, let bare-handed budtenders and random customers touch the product. You never know how long your meds have been sitting there – or how many people have been handling them.

Why even consider going anywhere else?

Greenly has the freshest cannabis delivery in Los Angeles, guaranteed!

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