New Marijuana Campaign Has People Coming Out Green


For centuries there has been a negative connotation surrounding the use of cannabis.

Unwelcome stereotypes about marijuana spawned in part because of a general misunderstanding of the what the plant is made of, how it is processed, what the effects are, and what the benefits are for people who use it.

Because of the stigma that has been bread over the many years, those who consume marijuana tend to hide their activity with it – at least because of the legal ramifications of possessing it in certain states and countries.

Now, there is growing movement of individuals banding together to make a stand and openly talk about their use of cannabis, which is calling itself the “Coming Out Green” campaign sparked by an organization named Green Flower Media.

The goal, according to Green Flower Media’s website, is to educate people about the real facts, science, and benefits of cannabis; while at the same time telling captivating stories of amazing people who use this plant for creativity, healing, and connection.

This campaign tackles socioeconomic topics like responsible use of the plant. Issues associated with how kids should not smoke cannabis are brought up, which helps keep the ideas surrounding cannabis at a safe and healthy level. The organization even discusses propers testing methods and reclassification of the substance, making them a respectable voice in the marijuana movement.

We believe cannabis is a life-changing plant that’s lugging around an old, out-dated public persona.

Their message is so powerful that people all across the globe are joining the cause to vocally “Come Out Green.” Since the inception the group, reports have been flooding in from individuals giving heartfelt support for the effort – which can be seen in real time through the #comingoutgreen hashtag online.

Additional instructions on how to share a story can be found on this Green Flower Media page.


For more information about this burgeoning movement, download their special Green Flower Reports. They make for a great read.

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