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Bakked – The Dabaratus – Sativa (1 Gram)


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The Dabaratus provides a clean, one-click solution for dabbing – delivering a consistent dose of Bakked’s purest cannabis distillate oil. While other dab tools may waste cannabis extract, the Dabaratus is designed to dispense only what you need every time. Contains 1 gram of terpene rich cannabis oil distillate.

Rich in terpene profiles and already decarboxylated for ease of use as an edible, additive to drinks or food, or as a topical. Can also use to refill vape mods, or top a bowl for that perfect social media imagery. Either way, #getbakked.

Instructions for use:
Remove device from child-resistant package. Remove cap. Press and hold button several times until oil flows from tip. Press and hold button to dispense oil. Replace cap and keep in reclosable child resistant package when not in use. Ideal for smoking or vaporization. Typical time to effect onset: immediate.

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