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Lab Facts


THC 20.66%

CBD 0%


Myrcene 16.7%

Limonene 2.3%

Linalool 2.0%

Carene 1.5%

B-Carophyllene 1.5%

Blackberry Kush – (I)

Blackberry Kush is a strong Indica with mixes of Afghani and Blackberry strains.


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Look: Larger, fluffy, flowered buds covered in deep green and purple leaves and light crystals.

Flavor: Sweet, with an aftertaste that hits with a fruit punch!

Scent: A nice, berry scented flower that’s sweet and discreet.

Common effects: Fast acting, long lasting, and powerful body-centric waves of relaxation accompanied by uplifting euphoria.

Recommended uses: Recommended for the relief of chronic pain, muscle spasms, arthritis, nausea, and as a sleep aid.


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