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CHAKRAS | Heart / Harmony | Balanced Hybrid – 3.5g


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CHAKRAS | Heart / Harmony | Balanced Hybrid – 3.5g

The Heart Chakra is the source of harmony and tolerance, making our balanced hybrid pre roll the perfect choice for finding your serenity. Stimulating to the mind and soothing to the body, imbibing this evenly hand-blended flower is the truest form of self-love. Hybrids such as this are ideal for anyone looking for mind-body symbiosis.

The result is a top quality, clean green certified product that supports local farmers while respecting Mother Earth. Our cannabis connoisseurs handle all our products in house, ensuring our Root Chakra flower is packaged with loving care and the utmost attention to detail.

With your Root Chakra in balance, you just might become fearless in the face of adversity.

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