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CHAKRAS | Third Eye / Insight | Sativa – 3.5g


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CHAKRAS | Third Eye / Insight | Sativa – 3.5g

As its name implies, our Third Eye Chakra flower provides perception beyond ordinary sight. This high quality, energizing sativa is the ideal instrument to help you focus your thoughts and discern the more subtle qualities of reality. Sativas increase serotonin production and are characterized by feelings of well being and confidence.

At Chakras, we honor cannabis as a spiritual tool, cultivating it using the most natural, sustainable farming practices. The result is a top quality, clean green certified product that supports local farmers while respecting Mother Earth. Our cannabis connoisseurs handle all our products in house, ensuring our Third Eye Chakra flower is packaged with loving care and the utmost attention to detail.

By balancing your Third Eye Chakra, you stimulate your mind to come up with creative solutions to problems, guided by your own inner wisdom.

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