CHAKRAS | Throat / Expression | Sativa Hybrid – .75g Single Preroll


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CHAKRAS | Throat / Expression | Sativa Hybrid –  .75g Single Preroll 

Our heritage Throat Chakra pre roll provides a satisfying combo of uplifting and pacifying effects. The mental clarity that can only come from a sativa hybrid will give a resonant voice to your true feelings. Imparting a cerebral high and a relaxing body buzz, sativa dominant hybrids are ideal for anyone seeking both physical and mental relief.

At Chakras, we honor cannabis as a spiritual tool, cultivating it using the most natural, sustainable farming practices. The result is a top quality, clean green certified product that supports local farmers while respecting Mother Earth. Our cannabis connoisseurs handle all our products in house, ensuring our Throat Chakra pre roll is packaged with loving care in a discreet, reusable container.

Express yourself with honor and integrity when your Throat Chakra is in balance.

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