Lab Facts

Green Hornet Gummy - Indica

THC 70mg

CBD 4mg

Green Hornet Gummy - Sativa

THC 70mg

CBD 4mg

Cheeba Chew Blue

THC 50mg

CBD 20mg

Cheeba Love


Samplers are a great way to try new things and save money!

Current Cheeba Love selection (1 of each):

Green Hornet Gummy – Indica
Green Hornet Gummy – Sativa
Cheeba Chews Blue (20mg CBD / 50mg THC)

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Cheeba Chews are a medical marijuana user’s best friend: small, discreet, consistently dosed, and incredibly effective.

Available in a variety of doses, flavors, and candy-like consistencies, Cheeba Chews blend high quality THC into tiny, portable treats, perfect for those on the go or patients looking to experience the same results, every time.

With our Cheeba Love sampler, we’re spreading our love for Cheeba by offering a selection of flavors and strains. Experience indica and saliva like you’ve never had it before – in a chew!




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