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Hashbury Extracts Live Rosin is organic full spectrum solventless hash oil. Kept in the refrigerator for freshness, this rosin is ready to dab!

Hashbury Extracts are created with love in San Francisco. Specializing in high quality ice water extractions, Hashbury sources the best cannabis available to produce the highest quality extracts possible. Always properly dried, and processed with great care, these extracts carry high medicinal value and great psychoactivity. Hashbury Extracts has partnered with Greenly to bring the best solventless ice water hash to West LA.

Hashbury Extracts are always made with RO (reverse osmosis) filtered water; prioritizing cleanliness, purity, and health. Hashbury works hard to ensure your medicine is consistently fantastic. Implementing best practices and working with cultivators who do the same means this artist continues to bring the best product to the (dab) table.

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Hashbury Extract’s Rosin is available in 0.5g packets of DH Fire OG and Dogstar strains through the cart.

Hashbury Extracts – “Extracting love from plants since 1999”

This rosin is super heady, heavy and powerful; the sun-moon-and-star grown quality of the resin resonates with each dab. Organic, full-spectrum medicine for high-tolerance connoisseurs; this Fire OG has notes of fuel and brings on immediate relaxation.

Hashbury’s Darkheart Fire OG Rosin was made from full spectrum organic ice water hash made from one of Swami Selects’ favorite cuts. Swami’s sun-moon-and-star grown cannabis is outstanding; we recommend this rosin for the connoisseur looking for physical relaxation and a super heady high. Strong, clean, and compassionately produced medicine.

Beautifully psychoactive, incredibly rare and sought-after, the DogStar Organic Solventless Hash Rosin overflows with the best, most balanced energy. Potent, organic full-spectrum medicine for those in need of healing; at once soothing and trippy, the good vibe on this one is unmistakable.

Hashbury’s DogStar is a personal favorite; this is the kind of medicine that brings one’s best energies to the forefront. Ideal for finding balance and engaging creatively with life’s challenges. This terpene-rich solventless hash oil was made from full spectrum organic ice water hash; Hashbury sought out this particular farmer and cultivar after falling in love with it and this is the very last known batch of this strain available. Truly unique, rare and sought-after; this is a must-try.


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