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Lab Facts

Serving Size


THC 20.88%

CBD 0.1%

CBN 0.04%

Holy Grail – (H)

Holy Grail Kush is a newer hybrid strain which is a cross between OG #18 and Kosher Kush.  Holy Grail Kush is known for its high potency and providing a mellow relaxation. This flower is perfect for chilling out.


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Look:  Medium green long buds with a light dusting of crystals and a heavy layer of orange hairs.

Flavor: Fresh, Earthy, Woody

Scent: Mild Spicy Citrus Smell

Common effects: The flowers effects are Relaxed, Euphoric, and Happy, much like the Holy Grail itself, which, according to legend has special powers, and is designed to provide happiness, eternal youth and food in infinite abundance.

Recommended uses: Recommended for the relief of stress, pain and depression.


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