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Jetty Extracts – Grandaddy Purps (I) Cartridge (1/2 Gram)


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Starting with hand-selected cannabis sourced from sun-grown farms, Jetty Extracts uses three stages of refinement to craft their unique oils: primary extraction, filtration, and polishing. Cannabis-derived terpenes are blended back in to the final product for that distinctive, natural flower falvor. Jetty Gold contains no byproducts, particulates, or additives.

*The manufacturer recommends that this cartridge is paired with their battery for optimal performance.

500 mg gold distillate. Also known as Granddaddy Purple or GDP. Potent, pure, and yes, purple, when it comes to us from our friends at small, craft farms. And Jetty treats every batch like we’d treat any good granddad: with a lot of care. And cannabis terpenes.

*Individual batch testing on products may vary.


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