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Jetty Extracts – PAX Era Pod – Grandaddy Purps ( I ) (1/2 Gram)



Jetty Extracts’ Gold oil in a PAX Era Pod. Clean, effective and great tasting.

Also known as Grandaddy Purple or GDP. Potent, pure, and yes, purple, when it comes to us from our friends at Jetty and their small craft farms. They treat every batch like we’d treat any good grandad: with a lot of care. And cannabis terpenes. 500mg cannabis oil for PAX Era.  Small batch tested to contain about 80% THC.


Hand-crafted oil for high-end hardware. We like to think of the PAX Era Pod lineup as the “art” in smart cannabis vaping.

* Individual batch testing on products may vary.

C10-0000461-LIC – California Patients Alliance, Inc


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