Lamb’s Bread (SH) – 1964 Supply Co. Pre-Rolls (3 Pack)


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1964 Supply Co. is established around the principles of celebrating authentic experiences with good people, achieving unparalleled craftsmanship, fostering creative collaborations and promoting sustainable initiatives through their craft cannabis.

Contains: x 3 (.5 gram) Pre-Rolls (1.5 Grams Total)

Strain: Lamb’s Bread

Artist: Joe Wilson

Joe’s jungle seed cultivates creativity as the mind opens under the influence of Lamb’s Bread. It’s an explosion of happy thoughts, euphoria, energy, and a lion. Why a lion in the jungle? It’s subtle, you’ll figure it out.

This harvest of Lamb’s Bread is great for reaching that meditative state or peaceful bliss.

*Individual batch testing on products may vary. Please check for lab results.

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