Mozen – Good Night fka Lights Out (I) Disposable (1/2 Gram)


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Tired or had enough BS for today? Find relief with mozen’s indica dominant Lights Out pen. Do your body good and heal the pain. Couch lock, shut off your brain, and go the F to sleep. Peace out!

Effect: Sedative & Anti-anxiety

Prominent Terpenes: Myrcene, Linalool

Capacity: 500mg THC: 80%

*Individual batch testing on products may vary.

Cannabis can be overwhelming. What do you do? What do all these names even mean? Unless you’re a connoisseur, the complexity of cannabis can add stress, when you’re trying to minimize it. That’s exactly why mozen exists: to simplify all aspects of the cannabis experience for the smart consumer.

How To Use It:

Inhale once, wait 5-10 minutes. Repeat for desired effect as needed.

Approximately 200 puffs per battery.


– Better performance if mozen All-in-One Pen is kept upright.
– To prevent accidental leaking, please store mozen All-in-One Pen away from direct heat and sunlight.


– Only high quality organic cannabis & whole-plant CBD (not hemp CBD)
– Oil is CO2 extracted, solvent-free and is made with no cutting agents or synthetic terpenes producing the cleanest and best tasting experience available
– Customized and unique terpene profiles for each of the 4 strains

*Please use these tips for troubleshooting:

– Keep the pen upright so the oil keeps the heating coil covered.

– The pen has an auto shutoff feature, after 5 seconds of inhaling. This shut off would continue for a few seconds afterward as the coil might still be too hot! Wait a second and try pulling again.

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