Mozen – Rest & Chill (IH) Disposable (1/2 Gram)



Take a little vacay with mozen’s indica dominant Rest & Chill pen. Unwind and relax because reality bites. De-stress and mend your body. Worries – what worries?

Effect: Stress relief, Pain-relief, & Anti-inflammatory

Prominent Terpenes: Linalool, Myrcene

Capacity: 500mg THC:CBD 2:1 40%THC / 20%CBD

*Individual batch testing on products may vary.

Cannabis can be overwhelming. What do you do? What do all these names even mean? Unless you’re a connoisseur, the complexity of cannabis can add stress, when you’re trying to minimize it. That’s exactly why mozen exists: to simplify all aspects of the cannabis experience for the smart consumer.

How To Use It:

Inhale once, wait 5-10 minutes. Repeat for desired effect as needed.

Approximately 200 puffs per battery.


– Better performance if mozen All-in-One Pen is kept upright.
– To prevent accidental leaking, please store mozen All-in-One Pen away from direct heat and sunlight.


– Only high quality organic cannabis & whole-plant CBD (not hemp CBD).
– Oil is CO2 extracted, solvent-free and is made with no cutting agents or synthetic terpenes producing the cleanest and best tasting experience available.
– Customized and unique terpene profiles for each of the 4 strains.

*Please use these tips for troubleshooting:

– Keep the pen upright so the oil keeps the heating coil covered.

– The pen has an auto shutoff feature, after 5 seconds of inhaling. This shut off would continue for a few seconds afterward as the coil might still be too hot! Wait a second and try pulling again.

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