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Nuvata – Mind Body Balance – Tropical (1/2 Gram)



Mind Body Balance – Tropical Flavor – Achieve Holistic Harmony

Attentive minds will enjoy this hybrid’s ability to deliver sharp, cognitive focus while calming the body and lifting the spirit. It’s designed to make you feel present and at ease. With a bursting, tropical flavor profile, every inhale will bring to mind relaxing, exotic getaways.

The terpene myrcene lays a calming sensational foundation upon which pinene and caryophyllene then build perceptual focus and spiritual uplift. Limonene inspires creative introspection while humulene keeps the body feeling active, rounding out this blend’s balanced feel.

Potency Results: THC: 70.37-71.39%, CBD: 7.26-7.49%

Prominent Terpenes: Myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, limonene, humulene

*Individual batch testing on products may vary.


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