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Orangeade (S) – In the Name of Cannabis (1/8 Ounce)


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In the Name of Cannabis ensure the integrity of the flower for a consistent buying experience. Their methods are sustainable, cultivation is bio-dynamic and thier harvests are expertly cured.

To go even further, they preserve the end product with nitrogen sealed packaging from light, heat and air degradation!

Orangeade is a unique sativa dominant strain classically from the genetic combination of Tangie x Purple Punch. A sweet, fruity flavor with a happy yet relaxed feel. The potency has an easy high to the head and body without being overwhelming. Its effects may help with managing nausea, stress, minor body aches, and sleeplessness. Cerebral characteristics include euphoria, creativity, focus, and happiness.

Strain: Orangeade (S)

Taste & Aroma: Citrus, Orange, Sweet

Potency: THC: 16.7%, CBD: 0.06%

*Individual batch testing on products may vary.


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