Lab Facts

Serving Size


THC 21.9%

CBD 0.1%

PremaFlora Jah Goo (I)

Free Planet is a family farm that has grown cannabis using organic methods for over 10 years. This clone-only “Purple Novelty” pheno of Jah Goo is thick with frost, shimmers with purple, and its pungent nose smacks of wintergreen and cedar.

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Jah Goo:

Profile: Dreamy, Mint, Earthy, Sweet, Strong THC, Indica

Potency: THC: 21.9% | CBD: 0.10% (tested by Pure Analytics)

PremaFlora: Holding Cannabis to a higher standard. By Purchasing PremaFlora Flowers you support small farms and sustainable organic practices, preserving the best of California’s rich cannabis heritage. PremaFlora flowers are grown in small batches with the love, care, and seasoned expertise of committed farmers. The individual attention and nurturing they give their plants produces vibrant flowers with rich bouquets, complex palates, and clear, focused effects. Small is beautiful.

We bring you only our best. Each batch of PremaFlora flowers must pass our 10-point internal quality assurance process and external lab testing before making it onto our stocklist. We use a cold-temp supply chain and just-in-time processing and packing to ensure maximum flower freshness.


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