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THC 22.19%

CBD 0.15%

Romberry – (H/I)

The Romberry strain has genetics stemming back to the combination of two legendary Indica-dominant strains: Romulan and Blueberry.
Considered to be at least 70% Indica-dominant, it is safe to assume that the Romberry strain is going to mainly affect the body with only a mild mental buzz. The Romulan strain has been world renowned for its medicinal qualities and long-lasting body high that helps cope with a variety of ailments.



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Look: Light green with hues of orange, covered with amber hairs and a heavy coat of crystals

Effects: The strain delivers uplifting mental effects and relaxation, with highly sedative physical effects that make it ideal for nighttime use

Uses: Recommended for relief of chronic pain, depression, insomnia, nausea, and stress.


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