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Lab Facts

Serving Size

THC 80%+

Spliffin THC Wax 0.5g

Spliffin Wax is pure, CO2 extracted THC concentrate. All Spliffin concentrates are free of harmful solvents and deliver unmatched, intensely euphoric effects. Rich in terpenes and flavor, Spliffin Wax concentrates feature an average of 80%+ THC.

Each order includes 0.5g of wax.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Spliffin uses latest advancements in solvent-free extraction to create cannabis concentrates. Their painstaking refinement process preserves the plant’s natural essence. Decades of research and their groundbreaking technology allows them to capture the optimum concentration of their strain’s aromatic terpenes. Their proprietary extracts and enhancers are expertly blended to suit a broad spectrum of patient palates and preferences.

Spliffin THC Wax concentrates are offered in five signature cannabis strains.

Available Strains:

Tangie (S)
Jack Herrer (S)
Super Lemon Haze (S)
Spliffin OG (I)
Dante’s Fire (I)
Donna OG (I)

Need a vaporizer to go with your wax or other concentrates? Check out the Cloud Vape Pen.

More information available directly through the manufacturer.


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