Tahoe OG

  • Tahoe OG

Lab Facts


THC 19.8%

CBD 3.1%

Tahoe OG – (I)

Tahoe OG is a strong indica dominant hybrid, perfect for a rainy day or as a sleep aid. It provides a lazy heavy body sensation and embodies all the typical indica related effects with a euphoric sativa kick.






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Look: Smaller pope corn nugs on this batch. Cone-shaped buds with pale leaves and a medium to high amount of crystals.

Flavor: Strong and earthy with a strong and distinct OG flavoring.

Scent: Hearty and citrus and pine layered for a complex, intriguing aroma.

Common effects: Tahoe OG effects are felt quickly, with strong physical and mental sensations including relaxation and euphoria, as well as medium mental haze.

Recommended uses: Recommended for the relief of insomnia, stress, depression, muscle pain, chronic pain, and as an appetite stimulant.

More Info: Please note that Tahoe OG is known for its strong sedative effects.



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