Lab Facts

Serving Size

Trifi Cookies (H) – Good Flower (1/8 Ounce)



Genetics: Hybrid; Triangle Kush x Fire OG

Brand: good flower | Learn more at

Appearance: Medium-Sized Buds, Light Green Hues with Amber-Orange Pistils, Sparkly Trichomes

Aroma: Diesel, Sweet, Pine

Effect: Happy, Uplifting, Calming

Cultivation Method: Sungrown

Lab Results: THC: 20.07-22.76%, CBD: 0.08-0.10%; Free of Pesticides, Mold, and Heavy Metals

Notes: Trifi Cookies is a balanced hybrid great for daytime use. This strain offers euphoric and uplifting cerebral effects that jolt with creative energy.  Calm and soothing body effects help to balance out the heady stimulation.

* Individual batches of this product may vary in lab test results and/or appearance.


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