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Share the love and earn money with Greenly’s affiliate program! This is a win-win opportunity for you and your friends, give $20 credit to friends and get $10 cash.  Earn every time a friend purchases on our site with your unique referral URL after signing up here.

Greenly-Los-Angeles-Marijuana-Collective-Delivery-Referral-Program-Share Tweet it, Pin it, blog it, ‘gram it – get your link out there! Every time your friends click on your unique referral URL or use your personal coupon code to make a purchase from Greenly, you’ll earn $10 cash paid through PayPal.

Once signed up into our Affiliate Program you will have access to custom graphics and tools to share across the web.  You can use our pre-made banners or even create your own graphics to entice people into clicking or using your coupon code.

Get creative, have fun, and make money spreading the word!

Share your URL everywhere to start earning right away.  Find your URL here.

Greenly-Los-Angeles-Marijuana-Collective-Delivery-Referral-Program-Earn When your friends make a purchase on Greenly using your unique referral link, you’ll earn $10…but that’s not all! Once signed up for our affiliate program you can request a personal coupon code to share with your friends that will give them $20 off their first order.  When they make a purchase and save $20, you’ll earn $10 cash.  It is a win-win situation with them getting $20 off their order and you putting money in the bank.

Once you sign up just shoot an email over to and request your coupon code.  Your personal coupon code will always be available on the Affiliate Coupon Codes page.

To sign up for the program you must have a PayPal account setup, since this is how you will receive payments.

Greenly-Los-Angeles-Marijuana-Collective-Delivery-Referral-Program-Save Using your coupon code means free Greenly products for your friends and money in your pocket.  Guarantee your friends the best possible price for their first order! Sharing your coupon code is an easy way to start making money.

Your coupon code is only valid for new membersbut you can share your unique referral url with members old and new.

Sign up for our affiliate program below and start earning money by referring others to Greenly!

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