Save Big With Greenly Cannabis Samplers


Greenly’s got a huge selection of flowers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, vaporizers, and more, and we’re always getting exciting new products in stock. With so much on our menu, there’s so much to sample  – that’s why we’ve created a variety of curated sampler boxes, collecting the best of Greenly into one package.

Each of our samplers offers a discounted selection of our favorite products – from Chocolate Lovers, which contains gourmet medicated confections, to Best Flowers, a rotating selection of our top shelf buds.

Want to try something new? Our samplers are the perfect way to get started. Vaping newbies can check out our Vaporize Me sampler, which has everything you need to get going; patients looking to learn more about the healing benefits of CBD should try our High CBD sampler.

With over a dozen handpicked options, our samplers are a great way to try new products — or just save on old favorites! Samplers will always cost less than buying all products individually.

Browse our current selection of samplers now.


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