South Carolina Introduces MMJ Bill

Flag of South Carolina

Flag of South Carolina

A group of South Carolina representatives have established a MMJ bill calling for legalization and decriminalization. The group, led by House Minority leader J. Todd Rutherford, introduced a bill that puts into plan a workable medical marijuana program in South Carolina. The program will be called The Put Patients First Act, allowing for patients with serious illnesses to be prescribed and smoke medical marijuana. It will also create a system of patients registered for medical marijuana, allowing for safe and reliable care and access.

According to a poll conducted in July 2014, South Carolina voters are in large support for this program. Many support allowing patients to access MMJ legally, without being treated like criminals. Support was strong among diverse groups of people by age, race, political party, and geography. Legalization isn’t a party issue either. State representative Mark Pitts, a republican, has not only supported Rutherford’s bill, but also introduced his own proposal, titled H.3117 of decriminalizing MMJ and merely fining for possession for those who cannot legally have it, much like a traffic ticket.

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