Cannabis + Marijuana Vaporizer Basics


If you’re interested in medical cannabis but want to avoid the harmful side effects associated with smoking, try vaporizing! Vaporizing is an alternative method of ingesting medical cannabis that typically offers safer, stronger results than smoking.

Vaporizing heats flowers (or oils, or concentrates like hash or shatter) to a steady gentle heat, which releases medicinal cannabinoids like THC and CBD without burning the materials or releasing harmful, toxic smoke.

Unlike a joint or a bong – where you ignite your materials and inhale the smoke produced by combustion – a vaporizer warms materials til they’re hot enough for beneficial oils to evaporate, but still too cool to burn. The process produces a smooth, steam-like vapor that’s easy to take in and contains more medication per inhalation.

The gentle heat used in the vaping process produces a clean mist that is free from irritants and toxic by-products typically released by combustion. Vaporizing creates very pure, easy to ingest clouds of vapor that contain more beneficial cannabinoids than other methods tend to deliver – the vaporizing process converts more THC than combustion, so you get the most out of your meds.

Vaporizing is a popular method of cannabis consumption, and there are many devices to choose from that offer safe and easy ways to vape. Vaporizers come in all sizes, from portable vape pens to larger “desktop” units made for vaporizing greater quantities of concentrates or flowers. Depending on the size and manufacturer, expect to spend anywhere from $30 (typical starting price of a portable pen) to $500 (for higher end box vapes).

No matter the shape or size, most vaporizers contain a heating element, an extraction chamber (where vapor is produced), and a mouthpiece. Depending on the style, vapor is either inhaled directly from the extraction chamber (like an e-cigarette) or collected in a larger holding chamber (like a tube or removable bag).

If you’re new to vaping, we recommend starting with a portable, affordable vape pen. Modeled after e-cigarettes, vape pens deliver powerful, quick results, and are very simple to use. Check out Greenly’s selection of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories here, including pre-filled cartridges that take the guesswork out of determining your doses and a variety of USB-chargeable pens. Pictured below is our Greenly vape.


There are two basic types of portable vaporizer pens:

  • Pens with cartridges that are discarded and replaced with new, pre-filled cartridges
  • Pens will re-fillable chambers that can be loaded with the concentrates of your choice

Greenly carries pre-filled cartridges that are cross-compatible across different brands of vaporizer pens, as well as high quality oils and concentrates.

Our products are 510 universal, which means they work with a majority of e-cig devices and all vaporizers on our site.

Browse our oils, concentrates, and vaporizer cartridges here.

View Greenly’s selection of vaporizers here.

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